The shiftscreen web-browser uses WebKit, the same HTML-rendering-engine that Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave use on iOS and iPadOS.

You can open as many tabs as you want in our web-browser.

PDF documents

When opening PDF documents in the web-browser shiftscreen will ask you if you want to download and open the PDF document in the PDF Viewer.

Video chat

When using iPadOS 15 you can video chat with the web-browser. Same as with Safari you have to allow every website access and save specific websites in the app web-browser-settings.

<aside> 🔓 You need to grant shiftscreen access to your camera and microphone. shiftscreen will only use the camera when a website, which has been granted access by you, wants to use it.


Video player

The webbrowser comes with a picture-in-picture video player which currently supports (more/all websites will soon be added).

Upcoming Features

At the moment only PDF documents can be downloaded. Within the next few weeks after the release the ability to download all types of files will be added.