About shiftscreen

shiftscreen is the first and only app which allows iPad (and iPhone) users to use their iOS devices as a “full desktop computer“ by connecting them to an external monitor. The problem when not using shiftscreen is the following: the aspect ratio of your iOS device and monitor are likely different and iOS will only mirror what‘s on your screen to your monitor, so you cannot have a second screen and will never use the iPad's and monitor's full potential.

shiftscreen solves this problem and provides iOS users with a tool to use their monitor as a true second screen. You can open up to 6 windows on your monitor, move and resize them. You can fast switch between different desktops, rotate your monitor, change the monitor resolution, watch YouTube video using a special picture-in-picture video player and manage all your windows using the intuitive launchpad view.

For more details, visit shiftscreen.app and take a look at the shiftscreen Manual.

Brand Assets

Download the full media kit (all brand assets and screenshots)

Brand colors:

primary: #7C00FF

secondary: #4E2CF1

Logo (App Icon)


Default App Icon


White background App Icon


Black background App Icon

Logo (Transparent Background)


Purple S


White S


Black S



Dark text title


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